We offer simple or advanced masonry. The construction involves creating a wall, floor, or any other structure with rock/stone, cinder blocks, or bricks. The cement mortar or grout holds the units together. It is also important for the area to be prepped before installation. That allows us to have a clean canvas to work with. Every masonry project requires its own PSI(pounds per square inch) of cement, which is what the weight can handle. We ensure that the cement mix is mixed properly. The PSI is vital to the longevity of the any permanent structure. Alphascapes, maintains a clean job site during and after the installation process.

We offer natural stone options, thin veneer, and faux rock paneling finishes. Alphascapes uses the best materials and the highest quality. Quality verses quantity matters to us. The construction services we offer for masonry are CMU(Cinder blocks), mail boxes, bricks, retaining walls, patios, rock wall faux panels, fence faux panels, kitchens, arches, fire places, fire pits, and seating areas. Call us today at (512) 222-9445.

Masonry-mixed rock                Tree border with mixed limestone